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Dr Michelle STRYDOM'S BOOK now available Boomhuis

Prophetic Greeting Cards / Prints and Calendars
by Ilse Kleyn

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Books and CD'S

Our bookshops focus is to market South African writers exclusively, selling books and reading material not sold in mainstream bookstores. 
Some of the books available include amongst others:

Sarah Jubilee (Shama),

Martin van der Merwe (Dream Dictionary)l
Hepzibah Maritz (Geheime van die Hemel ontbloot)
Poppie Hauptfleisch
Dr Michelle Strydom

CD's available :
Lize Widd, Carien De Waal, Dewald Gouws,
Anja - Burning lamp ministries, Nadine Blom, Warren Elliot (Mighty Men)

Shofars and Prayer Shawls

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Eternity Paper

Professional Canvas
Any size - made to order:
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Deep edge (45mm) Available in Pine and Meranti Wood

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Jewelery Natasha Van Niekerk

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