One Week Marriage Bootcamp

Do you remember that first feelings, the butterflies, the way you felt when you slow danced and gazed into each other’s eyes? Do you think it’s possible to relive some of that feelings? Are you willing to move out of that comfort zone for a little while and participate in this marriage bootcamp? It will be worth it. You will smile and laugh a lot. Now shook hands and say: “Lets do this!” A happy marriage is hard work. Now let’s work.

You have to complete the following seven tasks to successfully pass this bootcamp. Then you have to brag about it on Facebook and encourage other couples to do the bootcamp. Starting sentence: “....names.... have successfully completed the marriage bootcamp...find rules underneath:


Day 1
Me and my friend got this wonderful idea for the christmas markets. We took a medicine bottle, filled it up with candy and called it love pills. The label reads: “Put one tablet under your tongue. Look deep in your spouse’s eyes and say: I love you unconditionally. Take turns and do not look away until the sweet has completely melted. Feel free to throw in some compliments.” Concentrate on the colour of your spouses eyes... If you accidentally look away during the process, you have to start over. Go and get some hard candy...

Day 2
You are going to play a game. Your wife broke her leg and she is looking for something. She can’t remember what it is, but she know it’s important. You are going to help her find that thing... You have to carry her from room to room. The preferred way is to carry her like a baby, with her arms around your neck. Otherwise you can carry her on your back.... You can have a rest if you want to, but you have to make a turn in each room of the house. The wife words after looking around in a room must be: “No, it’s not in here.” In the last room the wife sentence must be: “It’s you! All the time I was looking for you. I’m so happy I found you!”

Day 3
Put on some romantic music and slow dance. If you can get some oldies you both enjoyed when you were young, that will be even better; What about your song... or the song you opened the floor on your wedding day. You have to dance through at least 10 songs.

Day 4
Game night: Play hide and seek. If you have kids let them play with. Take turns to hide. Repeat at least five times. (Why not have a game night once a week with your kids or with each other.)... My one friend suggested that couples with no kids can do it naked! Well, that is entirely up to you...or my friend.

Day 5
Love letters: Me and my husband sometimes read to each other out of the book Song of Solomon. My favorite part is in chapter 5 “Your legs are pillars of marble set on bases of pure gold....” After I read my part he just quote some random sentence that don’t even exists: “Your breasts are like twin towers”. Everybody knows that a woman of 55 cannot have breasts like that.

Find a suitable piece in Song of Solomon and read it to your spouse... and please put some emotion and drama into it. After the inspiration you now have, you are going to write a love letter to each other, telling each other why you chose her or him. Express why you appreciate your spouse and describe the good qualities you see in one another. Exchange letters.

Day 6
A romantic picnic in the living room or backyard: Buy or prepare your favorite food/snacks/drinks; Forget about healthy just for tonight. Use your best cutlery. Put some effort into decorating.

Day 7
Dress up and take photos of each other. Post it on Facebook and tell everyone how in love you are with your spouse. Something like: “My beautiful wife! She will always be my sweetheart! I am the happiest man alive!”

Well done!  Why not do this bootcamp often..
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