Mr Carguard
Lord!  I confess!  I’m struggling with this one. As soon as I enter the parking area and Mr Carguard stands there with arms that looks like a windmill as he tries to help me into my parking place....even if there are a few openings to choose from .... it is then when I start feeling that “good person” that I know I am are changing into that not so good one that I know I am not. With the way he designates me into my beautiful parking place, a person really have to start believing that Mr Carguard has a grade in military police science. As I get out of my car and he greets me with a “good day, your car will be safe” I only hear the words “You better remember my money when you come back!” And when I finally comes back and he rushes to help me get my very heavy 1kg packet of groceries into the boot.... I promise you my fake smile is not real.
Then when I look into my rear mirror, that not so good person is starting to become even more evil. Mr Carguard is standing right behind my car and look like he is fighting off an invisible swarm of bees. He must think that if it wasn’t for him this birdbrain woman would drive right over the pavement straight into the parked car in front of her and then when she finally realizes she is not in reverse mode, reverse and behead a few rear mirrors behind her. “Probably in his mind he believes the jail and hospital would be full if it wasn’t for him.” Then while I’m driving home, I feel like the biggest sinner on earth. How can I call myself Your child Lord after this horrific behaviour? The “I am sorry Lord” feels way to small.
But thank God! ..... then there are those days when the Holy Spirit gets hold of me and overflows my heart with His kindness. Before Mr Carguard can even sees me, I greets him. “Good day to you sir! Thank you for watching my car! Then when I comes back with my friendly sweet little face, greeting him from afar... “Aah, thank you for helping me with my trolley... How was your day so far?” ... and then we start chatting like besties. When the conversation is finally over and we know a little more of each other and he fully understands the gospel, we great each other like old friends. Driving away with my arm who probably reminds him of a windmill on a windy eyes start to tear up with the understanding how much love our God have for this beautiful precious soul. 
We don’t have to give money to every car guard that “watches” our car, but we can give them respect and a smile. It doesn’t matter to God if you give or not, what matters to Him is your heart. If you really had a crap day and don’t feel well, force a smile. It’s much more worth than a brick of gold. Have a few tracts ready. Most of the time I don’t have cash on me, but when I allow the Holy Spirit to lift up that good person in me, I hand out tracts. Lord Jesus Christ I pray...especially for myself, because I think I need it more than the people who are reading this, that You will give us more love, more patience and more smiles.
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